The Rules of WeWriWa

The Rules...

Boy, we wish we didn't have to have any, but to keep things running smoothly, we do.

Without further ado:

Your WeWriWa/8-10 sentence post should be what appears when the linky link is clicked. It saves your blog visitors from searching around  your site for your weekly post.

Your WeWriWa intro/greeting and 8-10 sentence excerpt should be at the top, or very near the top of your post.

Eight to ten sentences for the story excerpt, please. If you want to add additional lines to your excerpt, it works best if you clearly note where your 8 to 10 sentences stop, then add additional lines. This is helpful for participants short on time. Some weeks are like that. :-)

For poetry, the snippet can include word count to 150 words,  then post additional line after noting this is the snippet. 

Please include a link back to

Promotions for your own books, book release announcements, music videos, awards, personal photos, announcements, news and videos etc. are welcome, even encouraged. Please put the bulk of it after the excerpt.

It's all about fun and getting the word out.

Your WeWriWa Team

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