WeWriWa Blog Hop - A Quick How-to Guide

What is this thing called a blog hop? Does it have anything in common with jumping around on a bouncy castle? Well, yes and no. Blog Hopping in general means visiting and revisiting certain blogs that you've come to enjoy. Making friends, forming bonds within your circle, that's all a big part of it.

Much like the bouncy castle, WeWriWa offers that classic blog hop opportunity, and since it is a very open and inviting group, it welcomes new and regular participants with equal enthusiasm. And that's one of the things we like most about our wonderful group here!

Visit our site any time afer Mondays at 8:00 AM EST to snatch one of the coveted pole positions. Sign up on the linky list for the week (the uppermost blog post, sign up is below the guidelines) with your name, a link to your blog and your email address. That's the technical part - then try to get through that thing we refer to as "weekday distraction" in one piece, and maybe think about what you'll be posting once or twice in between sandwich breaks. Look for news on our Facebook page every now and again.

And when the weekend finally arrives, you'll be writing, rewriting, editing, 8 sentence tweaking and polishing until that snippet shines in all its glory.

Once you're done with the writing part of the post, it doesn't have to stop there. Time to glamify! Select a font that is easily legible and leave a bit of room between the lines. It looks good! And watch out for "the bad" contrast!

What's that, you ask? While light fonts on dark or brightly colored backgrounds can make for a great logo, using it in continuous text can be quite tiring for the eye of the reader - and a pit stop is imminent. (Well, since we're using the race car lingo...) The other way around is preferred by most - white background - dark lettering. It must be one of those habits hailing from the ancient days, when we still used paper and ink.

Anyways, there are loads of other cool stuff to spruce:

You can easily link those banners and badges back to our website by selecting them in your draft and clicking Link on the toolbar. All you have to do now is type in www.wewriwa.blogspot.com and the cycle of blog hopping may float and continue!

Another cool thing is the Weekend Writing Warriors button, which links back to our page by default:

You'll find the button on the left sidebar of our homepage. One possibility is to add it to the layout of your page - preferably the sidebar of your blog. Choose "Add a Gadget" in Layout, and pick the HTML/Java Script option. Paste the code from below our Grab-it button in the text field.

If you want to add it directly to your blog post, just copy the code below the button and paste it to the HTML tab (that's the one next to Compose) of your blog post. If you're using Wordpress, select the tab called Text (next to Visual) and enter it there.

The Preview option helps with fine-tuning and placement to find that perfect spot!

And that's it, you're all set!

There is only one more thing to do, well, two, technically. Publish the post and enjoy your blog hop experience!

Well then, Happy Writing!

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